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Tony Brigagliano
7th-8th Grade Math

Welcome to Mr. Brigagliano's Web page


 I grew up on the south side of chicago.   I  Graduated from the University of Ill. at Urbana with bachelors degree in Teaching Mathematics (grades 6-12). I also hold an MBA from DePaul University.

My Mathematics background has been been put to good use in the business world since I worked for many years as an industrial engineer for a major corportation.  I have 20 years of teaching experience.

My wife and I have 2 grown children(whew).  One is a teacher and the other works in the health care  field.

I love teaching.  My primary goal is to have my students super prepared for their high school experence and to appreciate Math. as a useful and nececssary tool in their everyday lives.


Go Cubs/Sox/Bull/ Hawks


My favorite past times are:



Listening to music