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ASPIRE Testing Grades 3-8 April 2017

All students in grades 3-8 will be tested on the ASPIRE suite of achievement tests beginning April 25, 2017.

Please click on the following links for some introductory information about the ASPIRE.


Exemplars by Grade and Subject-test.  

Click on the desired subject area to see the exemplar manual.

Grade 3 English Math Reading Science Writing
Grade 4 English Math Reading Science Writing
Grade 5 English Math Reading Science Writing
Grade 6 English Math Reading Science Writing
Grade 7 English Math Reading Science Writing
Grade 8 English Math Reading Science Writing


Understanding Your ACT Aspire Results

Please use this link to click on to the guide for undersanding ACT Aspire results.

Understanding Your ACT Aspire Results


Terra Nova Spring 2014 Results


EXPLORE - 8th Grade Test Scores


In addition to on-going formative classroom assessments, Holy Cross students participate in standardized testing on an annual basis beginning in grade 3.  Students in grades 3-7 take the ASPIRE test.  This test is administered in the Spring of each year.

Students in grade 8 take the Explore test in the fall.  This year, the test will be administered in early November. Given their written permission, parents may choose to share the results of the Explore tests with the high school(s) of their choice. 

Additionally, 8th graders may take entrance exams for the Catholic high school of their choice in January.

For more information regarding these assessments, please check the following websites: