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Linda Norak
5th Grade and Art

Fifth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Syllabus 

                        Holy Cross Elementary School

                       Fifth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Curriculum

                                   Linda Norak 

2016-2017 Holy Cross Elementary Theme:

You Are the Light of the World

Classroom Patron Saint:

St. Therese of the Little Flower

Students have chosen individual Saints for a Research Project

Daily Classroom Information

Students are given time to write all Language Arts and Social Studies homework assignments and transition their appropriate homework materials to their backpacks. Students are also advised to check assignment notebooks for Math, Science Religion and Spanish homework and appropriate materials, books, workbooks etc.


Following the Golden Rule is paramount and already apparent in our fifth grade classroom! I can see our students actively practicing, many virtues as a natural and integral component of  our student’s everyday life.

Students are urged to eat a healthy breakfast and are encouraged to bring a water bottles to class.

Students are coming to school ready and willing to learn and apply their learning to new connections in learning opportunities.


Workbook assignments, homework and classwork are assessed and corrections are expected. Important learning takes place when misconceptions are noted and corrected. Quality assignments are celebrated, as are all learning opportunities! We all learn from our misconceptions. We aren’t learning anything new, if we are not making errors! Learning is a process!

Independent, classwork, group work and individual work are all important learning environments/


Third Period Class is always Religion

Eighth Period is as follows:

Gym: Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays

Music: Tuesdays

Art: Fridays

Spanish ends the fifth grade day



Language Arts

The Fifth Grade Language Arts Program is based on the Five Block Literacy Program and coordinates with Common Core Standards

Reading Comprehension

Reading Street (Scott Foresman)

Novel Studies

A variety of genres will be read, discussed and interpreted though oral and written language activities within whole group, small group, paired and partnered, turn and talk and individual learning opportunities.

Red Fern Grows by William Rawls is our first autobiographical novel!

New novels of a variety of genres will be shared throughout the school year.

Interdisciplinary Connections is a strong component for meaningful learning. Incorporating map skills development of regional locations, historical and cultural and environmental flora and fauna found in the setting of the novel brings robust meaning to new learning.  Compare and contrast to our own lives is a worthwhile learning extension to achieve a deeper level of understanding and thinking, is an active component of our learning

Daily reading assignment will be accompanied by daily notetaking in a variety of forms including “Four Square” (Character Traits, Setting, Plot, Theme, Genre, Vocabulary, Subtle Sentences, Descriptive Text References, Figurative Literary Language devices (similes, metaphors, onomonopia, personification, alliteration, hyperbole)

Developing question skills in speaking and writing, especially “How and Why” questions, for higher level thinking and communication, inferential and comprehension skills,

Language Art Notebooks are used daily in class to take notes regarding vocabulary, and fundamental reading comprehension skills and writing development skills.


The Lucy Culkin Writing Workshop Program

Daily writing for a variety of purposes is fundamental for all learning, communication and application of acquired skills and development.

Phonemic Awareness of continued novel vocabulary including isolating the root word to discover meaning. 

Phonological Development (Phonics) skills will be continued to discover pronunciation and apply segmentation of novel vocabulary.


Vocabulary a primary learning tool to reach each student’s next level of learning followed by mastery and application in everyday communication including speaking and writing.

Discovering novel words is a daily and interactive learning experience, in our classroom. Each student’s goal is to apply new vocabulary in their speech, discussion skill development and apply in writing and communication.


Reading Street (Scott Foresman)

Grammar is an integral component of the language arts and social studies daily learning blocks. Proper speaking and respectful listening along with applied writing usage and mechanics are integral components.



Reading Street (Scott Foresman)

Spelling is an integral component of the language arts and social studies  daily learning blocks.


Notetaking, discussion, communication speaking and writing skills development will also be considered basic fundamental intermediate learning skills.


Assessments will be formal and informal. Daily and quality class participation, quizzes, tests, notetaking, essays, variety of writing formats for a variety of purposes, research projects and presentations.


Social Studies

My World Social Studies: Regions of Our Country (Pearson)

Social Studies is an integral part of language arts and social studies learning block. References to location, cultures, historic and current are discovered, investigated compared, contrasted, analyzed and synthesized.

Map and globe skills, economics, civics, history and geography of the United States  from ancient cultures to the Civil War and Reconstuction.