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Holy Cross School 2016-2017 School Advisory Board

Thank you to all of our School Advisory Board members!

Susan Lappe President

Bill Weissenberg Vice President

Todd Rowe Communications 

Jen Bobay Ambassador Chair

Dawn Gassemere

Kerry Kremer Finance Committee

Gloria Turan

Scott Urbon

Ray O'Neal

Joann Sterzik


Holy Cross School Advisory Board

The Holy Cross  School Advisory Board is made up of selected parents and/or adult members of the parish. The Board acts in an advisory capacity to the pastor and principal in the governance of the school. Its function is to develop policies, which enable the school to reach its goals; it participates in the hiring of the principal, and reviews and advises on the annual school budget.

Meetings are held monthly as listed on the school calendar and are open to interested parents and adult members of the parish. Minutes of meetings are available for review in the school office. Items for the agenda must be presented to the President in writing five working days before the next scheduled monthly meeting. The item or issue to be discussed must be within the powers of the Board.

Policies of the Board must be in harmony with those of the Archdiocese and of the Office of Catholic Education. Policies of the Board are reviewed annually. A complete copy is available for review in the school office.


Holy Cross School Board Officers

2015- 2016

President:  Michael Hughes

Vice President:  Jennifer Bobay

Secretary:  Susan Lappe

Members:  Scott Edgar

                       Kristine Gargiulo

                      Dawn Gassmere

               Todd Rowe

                       Bill Weissenberg