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Food Drive to De-Feet Hunger 9-14-16

Holy Cross 6th-8th graders were instrumental leaders in our Food Drive to De-Feet Hunger that supports the West Deerfield Township Food Pantry.

On September 7th, our 6th graders delivered 600 bags to residents near Holy Cross School.



On September 14, 2016, the 7th graders picked up the bags from our neighbors as well as those items delivered directly to the school.  



Later that day our 8th graders delivered the goods to the Food Pantry.


The Food Pantry greatly appreciates our contributions!


Food Drive for St. Malachy



Beginning on November 24th we will be collecting canned food for St. Malachy families.   The drive will continue through our last day of school before Christmas break, which is December 18, 2015.  The food will be delivered to St. Malachy on December 18th. 

Also don't forget about the coat & winter outer wear drive for St. Malachy, too!  That continues here at Holy Cross through the end of November!


We help St. Malachy

Holy Cross collects candy (healthy snacks), coats, hats and gloves and othr outerwear, food for our food drive for St. Malachy throughout the school year.

They also help load the vans for the Christmas delivery and are invited to accompany the Friends of St. Malachy adults who delivery the food on the morning of December 20th.   Thanks in advance for your generosity! 


At Holy Cross School service projects are a component of each and every student's school life.  Some service projects occur annually as whole school or particular grade level projects.  Additionally, over the course of the school year, all Holy Cross students are expected to accrue service hours equaling two times their current grade level.  Of course, we encourage students to exceed that goal!


Thanksgiving Food Drive