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Welcome to Holy Cross School

At Holy Cross School we are foreseeing (4 C’ing) a brighter future through Catholic, caring, creative collaboration. The recent creation of our new school logo is just one example of the results of teamwork toward the achievement of a common goal. I am most grateful for the work of the individuals, including a Holy Cross graduate, who served on our design team.  .

The design team wanted this  logo to help tell the story of who we are and what our school represents.  Additionally, we wanted the logo to anchor us to the legacy of our tradition, as well as to connect us to our parish and surrounding community. 

Therefore, the design includes the following specific features.

  • The Jerusalem Cross, which is the long-standing logo of our school and parish.  It signifies our roots in the Catholic faith and our commitment of service to others.
  • The three pillars of Faith, Achievement and Community, which exemplify the value-added to the education of every Holy Cross student.  We are here to assist families in Faith formation, to provide a vibrant and rigorous academic program that results in high student Achievement, and to come together as a Community to provide service to others, celebrate our accomplishments, and further develop our dreams.
  • Blue and Gold, our beautiful and rich school colors, with blue representing youth, spirituality, truth and peace, and gold representing prosperity and wisdom.
  • The gem shape, which represents our diamond anniversary and the longevity of our school’s legacy of excellence in Catholic education.

You will see this logo on school communications and embedded into the life of our jewel of a school.  I hope that you are as thrilled as I am with this logo.  This is our past, our present and our future.  Thank you for keeping our traditions alive.

 Blessings to all of you,

 Janice DiVincenzo, Principal