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Watch our videos to see why Holy Cross is for you!


Why Holy Cross School?

Why Holy Cross School?

For 80 years, Holy Cross School has had a rich history of nurturing the whole child—spirit, mind, and body. By definition this is something public schools cannot do. Tuition is an investment in your child’s formation as a well-rounded individual. 

There are many reasons to choose Holy Cross School. Here are just a few: 

National Blue Ribbon of Excellence: Holy Cross School has been twice awarded the National Blue Ribbon of Excellence. This prestigious award measures nine major categories of critical performance in excellent schools. 

A Leader In Me™ School:  Holy Cross School has chosen to embark on the journey of helping each and every child understand, unwrap and utilize their unique gifts!  We do that through leadership by example, teaching students the language of leadership, and offering students voice and choice in creating our culture. From no-cut sports, talent show and Jr. High Musical,  to our student buddy program and leadership opportunities at weekly mass—there are opportunities for every child to be a leader! Visit for more information.

Class Size: Our small class sizes allow us to personalize the educational experience of each child. We also address special needs and currently serve students with 504 plans and IEPs.

Academics: Based on recent Aspire testing of 3rd through 8th grade, our test scores exceed the Aspire national average. It’s no surprise that our graduates take advanced placement classes, become high school valedictorians, and go on to prestigious universities. 

Blessings of a Catholic Education: A Catholic education welcomes God into the daily life of our school families. Teachers discuss Scripture and explain the basic beliefs of the Catholic Church to help children form more personal relationships with Jesus.

Service to Others: Our children are instilled with a spirit of service and leadership, recognizing the needs of others and the value of compassion and respect. We also host regular service projects.

School Community and Extended Family: We provide a loving community that fosters rewarding friendships. The school provides a safe and nurturing environment for students to prosper. Many parents say that Holy Cross School is a second home for their children. 

Extracurricular Activities: We offer no-cut sports starting in 4th grade, We host an annual Talent Show and Junior High Musical.  We offer band, and a variety of clubs that enrich our academic programs.

Technology: We blend traditional methods with current technology. All classrooms are equipped with SMART boards, PCs, and laptops. Additional laptops and iPads are available for classroom and small group use, and this fall our computer lab will feature new Chromeboxes. 

Watch our videos to see why Holy Cross is for you! The best way to learn about us is to see us in action. Please call 847-945-0135 for a tour!